Maralee Schwab, resident of the Hooper Care Center accepts the Medal of Honor for her late husband

Picture“She touched the framed flag gently, her hands trembling as the flashes of cameras reflected off the marble tile of the 14th floor of the State Capitol. The click of the shutters captured the moment: the 92-year-old widow accepting the Medal of Honor for her late husband, 1st Lt. Donald K. Schwab.”
-The Lincoln Journal Star

This quote is the beginning of a beautiful article written to cover the Honor Ceremony for the late Donald Schwab, a Hooper community member and husband of Maralee Schwab, resident of the Hooper Care Center. Maralee made the trip on June 7, 2014 to the State Capitol for the ceremony held in honor of Donald. She and about 40 others gathered and remembered Donald as General David C. Petersen presented the Congressional Medal of Honor to Maralee in a ceremony held in the Memorial Chamber on the 14th floor of our State Capitol.

Though she could not attend the previous ceremony held on March 18 at our Nation’s Capitol, Schwab’s children were there to represent their father, and Senator Mike Johanns presented Mrs. Schwab with the flag that flew above our Nation’s Capitol on that day. The Congressional Medal of Honor is the nation’s highest medal for combat, and it was given posthumously to Donald. He became the 21st Nebraskan to receive this award. Senator Deb Fischer spoke about him as the humble man who shied away from the word “hero”.

Maralee watched as Senator Mike Johanns and Dr. Dennis Mihelich unveiled the addition of Donald Schwab’s name to the memorial plaque, which hangs on the wall of the Memorial Chamber.

Please see the great article posted in the Lincoln Journal Star.