Elkhorn, NE: ERMAA Chapter receives gift of a handicapped accessible van.

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One of the five original sites of this rural ministries Project, the Hooper – Scribner – Uehling (HSU) Chapter of ERMAA (Enhancing Rural Ministries for Aging Adults) was started in the spring 2008. It has grown to be supported locally by many churches, organizations and groups within these communities. Charter churches were United Lutheran and Redeemer Lutheran as well as St. Rose and St. Lawrence Roman Catholic.

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Recently, the Hooper-Scribner-Uehling ERMAA Chapter received a gift of a handicapped accessible van from Vetter Senior Living, Inc. (VSL). The van is a gift from the VSL home office to this Chapter to be used for transportation services for the elderly in and around these rural communities. Hooper Care Center, (proud member of the Vetter Senior Living Family), created the initial relationship with ERMAA and conveyed the need to VSL to enable this to happen. Congratulations to the many organizations and individuals that established and have maintained the HSU ERMAA Chapter through the years.

The ERMAA Project was developed in 2007 by a grant from the Elder Foundation of the ELCA in Chicago. Its mission was authorized by then Bishop David deFreese, and the Project has been a ministry affiliated with the Nebraska Synod-ELCA since inception. ERMAA Mission Statement: ERMAA is a program of the Nebraska Synod ELCA created to encourage smaller, rural communities to unite in order to enhance their ministries which focus on holistic, healthy aging.